Career Summary

Academic/Teaching/Research/Department Management

Recognized for scholarship, socio-scientific acumen, and track record in South Asian Studies. Able to motivate, train, and challenge students to facilitate creative learning. Developed student-focused courses, real-world oriented teaching strategies, and presentations. Published academic and policy oriented research, dealing with current issues in South Asia. Frequently requested to speak and present scholarly work at major international conferences. Successfully served as chair for departments in international institutions.


Proven solutions-oriented consulting expertise. Served as consultant for major projects, such as governance study; supporting democratic processes in Pakistan; democracy/governance/institutional reforms; water sector management; and feasibility studies. Leveraged consulting/academic background to work on challenging projects.

Select Accomplishments

Extensive academic experience on wide-range of issues in South Asian Studies and Globalization.
Founder Member and Chairman of Department of Pakistan Studies at Quaid-i-Azam University.
Published scholarly research on groundbreaking topics, dealing with Culture, Politics, Security, Public Policy, and Reform, in international peer-refereed journals.
Chair, Pakistan Center, South Asian Institute, Columbia University.
Author of 3 books; 30+ articles. Participated in 75+ international conferences/presentations.
Fulbright Fellow, 1992 - 1993; Director of Fulbright Seminar in Pakistan, 1991 - 1994.
Visiting Professor at Maison Des Sciences De L'Homme, Paris, (France), 2000.
Received rave reviews and extensive recognition for publishing books, such as Political System of Pakistan and Public Policy, Contemporary Issues in Pakistan Studies and Civil-Military relations in Pakistan; work was extensively reviewed in Pakistani Press and Academic Journals; third amended and enlarged edition published in 2000.
As Chief Instructor of Pakistan Civil Services Academy, trained generation of professionals at Civil Services Academy of Pakistan; train 150+ federal civil servants every year.
Provided consulting services to organizations, such as UNDP, ADB, Election Commission of Pakistan.
Consulted on issues, such as governance, institution building, electoral reform, and democracy.
Organized international conferences and exchange programs; developed programs with international public administration institutes.