Published Books

Pakistan, Afghanistan & US Relations: Implications and Future Directions
The Impact of Kargil on Pakistan's Politics and Society
Peter R.Lavoy (Edited By), Asymmetric Warfare in South Asia: The Causes and Consequences of Kargil Conflict,Cambridge University Press, New York, 2009
Saeed Shafqat (Edited By), New Perspectives on Pakistan: Visions for Future,Oxford University Press, Karachi,2007)
PAKISTANíS MILITARY: The Challenge of Sustaining Democracy in Pakistan
Civil-Military Relations in Pakistan (Boulder: West View Press, 1997)
Contemporary Issues in Pakistan Studies (Gautam Publishers, Lahore, 1995). Third amended and enlarged edition has been published in 2000.
Political System of Pakistan and Public Policy (Progressive Publishers, Lahore, 1989).

Published Articles

Performing Pakistan's Bureaucracy
Performance and Prospects of Democracy in Pakistan:Political Scenarios Affecting the Elections 2013
Pakistan: Militancy, The Transition to Democracy and future relations with the United States
Pakistan and the United States: A Future Unlike the Past?
"Re-inventing Pakistan: Islam, Security and Democracy --- What is Changing?" in Islamization and the Pakistani Economy (edited by Robert M. Hathaway and Wilson Lee) (Washington, D.C: Woodrow Wilson International Center, 2004).
"Democracy and Political Transformation" in The Contours of State and Society in Pakistan (edited by Soofia Mumtaz, Jean-Luc Racine, Imran Anwar Ali) (Karachi: Oxford University Press, 2002), pp 209-235.
"From Official Islam to Islamism: The Rise of Dawat-ul-Irshad and Lashkar-e-Taiba Nationalism without a Nation? (Christopher Jaffrelot ed) (London/New Delhi: Zed Books/ Manohar, 2002), pp 138-148.
Contributed article for Encarta Pakistan, Microsoft 2002.
"Pakistani Bureaucracy: Crisis of Governance and Prospects of Reform," The Pakistan Development Review, 38:4 Part II (Winter1999), pp 995-1017.
Islamic World and South Asia: Rise of Islamism and Terror, Causes and Consequences?
"Democracy in Pakistan: Value Change and Challenges of Institution Building," The Pakistan Development Review, 37:4 Part II (Winter 1998), pp 37: 4, 281-298.
"Role of U.S. in the Changing World Order," Contemporary Issues in Pakistan Studies, (Saeed Shafqat ed), (Lahore: Azad Publishers), 1998, pp 229-238.
"Transition to Democracy: The experience of Pakistan," The State, Society and Democratic Change in Pakistan, (Rasul B. Rais ed) (Karachi: Oxford University Press), 1997.
"Pakistan under Benazir Bhutto," Asian Survey (US), July 1996.
"Democratic Transition in Pakistan: Challenges and Opportunities," Asian Profile, Hong Kong, October 1996.
"Kashmir Issue: Review on Recent Research Proposals for Resolution of the Conflict," Perspectives on Kashmir, (K.F Yusuf ed) (Islamabad: Pakistan Forum), pp 3311-328, 1994.
"The Role of Bureaucracy in Post-Colonial Societies: The Case of Pakistan," Society and Dictatorship, (Bernard M.Scherer ed) (Lahore: Progressive Publishers), 1993.
"Military Hegemony Vs Party Dominance Patterns of Civil Military in Pakistan," Defense and Media: A Publication of the Inter Services Public Relations, ISPR, Rawalpindi, 1991.
"Political Culture of Pakistan: A Case of Disharmony between Democratic Creed and Autocratic Reality," South Asian Bulletin, Vol. 10 No.2, 1990.
"Pakistan's Political System," Pakistan 2000 AD, (R.M Hussain, Chief Editor), (Islamabad: The PFI), 1990-91, pp 19-24.
"Political Science: Problems, Prospects and Scope in Pakistan," The State of Social Sciences in Pakistan, (S.H. Hashmi ed), (Islamabad: Quaid-i-Azam University), 1989, pp 159-168.
"Continuity and Political Change in Tanjore Villages: Studies in Social and Political Anthropology," Journal of Central Asia, Vol. xi, No.2 Dec. 1988.
"Public Policy, Interest Groups and the Development of Economic Institutions in Pakistan," Public Administration Review, 1988.
"Public Policy and Reform in Pakistan 1971-77; An analysis of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto's Socio-Economic Policies," Journal of South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Vol. XI, No. 3, Spring, 1988.
"Politics of Islamization: The Ideological Debate in Pakistan," Asian Profile, Vol.15, No. 5, Oct.1987.
"Patterns of Civil-Military Relations in Pakistan: an Appraisal of Bhutto Period," Proceedings of 9th International Symposium of Asian Studies, 1987.
"Charisma & Linguistic Nationalism in Tamil Nadu," Scrutiny, Journal of Pakistan Studies, 1980, Vol v, No 4-5.
"The Dravidian Movement: Its origins and Development," Scrutiny, A Journal of Pakistan Studies, 1979, Vol. v, No. 4-5.
"A case for Pakistan Studies," Scrutiny, A Journal of Pakistan Studies, 1978, Vol. iv, No. 3.
Published a series of articles on Great Powers and South Asia in a national weekly, published in Lahore, Pakistan, 1971 - 1972.

Book Reviews

Lawrence Ziring, Pakistan: At the Crosscurrent of History (Oxford: Oneworld, 2003 ). Pp. 397.
Book Review, Public officer, Private Interest: Bureaucracy and Corruption in India: By S. K. Das, New Delhi, Oxford University Press, 2001, published in the Journal of Asian Studies; Vol. 61, No. 3, August 2002.
Book Review, Pakistan: Founder's Aspirations and Today's Realities: Edited by Hafeez Malik, (Karachi: Oxford University Press, 2001) published in the Journal of Asian Studies, Vol 62, No 2, May 2003.
An extensive and in depth interview on Pakistan published in AUFBAU; America's only German Jewish Publication (weekly), New York, 21, February, 2002.

Articles Accepted for Publication

The Impact of Kargil on Pakistan's Politics and Society.
Experimenting Democratic Governance: The impact of Local Government Ordinance 2001 on Pakistani Bureaucracy.
Pakistan and the Emerging World Order?